The long-awaited module arrived

A module from a battery of electric car Chevrolet Bolt arrived, we will run it on my boat.

The configuration of the module is 10s3p, which means it has 3 cells installed in parallel and 10 in series. Total 30 cells. Manufacturer LG, single-cell capacity 60 Ah, average voltage 3.7 V. The module contain energy: 60 Ah * 3.7 V * 30 = 6.5 kW * h. The weight of the module is 31 kg. 

The battery, which is now installed on the boat, contains 3.5 kWh and its weight is 26 kg. 

At photo: BMS lower left and contactor lower right:

E-Kross developed drawing waterproof battery housing.  

In the process of finalizing the module to a full battery:

And one more stage in battery assembly:

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