Interesting places of Kherson

Kherson is the largest river port on the Dnieper and a seaport. Many historical buildings still present in the city, and it is also one of the greenest cities in Ukraine, despite the fact that it is located in the open spaces of the steppe.

So, where you can go in Kherson?

1. "Hydropark" beach.

In "Hydropark" isle you can visit the local zoo. Peacocks, foxes, black pigs, a wolf live in it, most interestingly, the birds move freely around the park and it is noticeable that they are being looked after. There is also a beach with clean sand, umbrellas where you can sunbathe if you wish. In addition, there are different paths across isle which you can walk. There are more than enough places for stop with tent.

Location on the map.

One more photo from Hydropark.

2. Park of Glory.

One of the most beautiful places in Kherson is the Park of Glory, in which the annual citywide events are held in memory of the fallen heroes of the World War II. The majestic memorial complex is located on the banks of the Dnieper. Its main alley goes down to the river, from where a delightful panorama opens up.

Location on the map.

3. Fountains of the Park Kherson Fortress.

If you are a fan of beautiful fountains, then you should definitely visit them.

There is a small amusement park next to the beautiful fountains. You can ride the Ferris wheel. The price seems to be 40 UAH.

4.Museum of Nature.

Today the museum houses unique collections of insects, reptiles, fish and birds. Here you can also get acquainted with representatives of the underwater world, see exotic mammals.

The most interesting exhibit for visitors is the skeleton of a 25-meter fin whale, the second longest animal in the world after the blue whale. Fin whales are also cetaceans. This whale was caught off the coast of Antarctica in the middle of the 20th century by Soviet whalers. Graduates of the Kherson Maritime School, who went on ships of whaling fleets, presented this whale to Kherson. Fin whales are endangered today. The skeleton occupies almost the entire second floor of the museum.

All the exhibits are so huge, almost like real ones, I didn't want to see them live.

As in a real forest.


There is a small room with a theme dedicated to circumnavigation. The cost of the museum is 40 UAH.

Location on the map.

5. Tourist coffee house Kherson.

A tourist coffee house in Kherson is a center that combines tourism, history, southern atmosphere, the best sweets, delicious tea and coffee.

Cafe with a special atmosphere, here you will be offered coffee "Dawn" (filter with orange syrup and red pepper) and a line of coffee drinks "for adults": "Pirate", "Romance" or "Sunset". Besides the usual types of coffee, we recommend trying Kherson tea with a pleasant aftertaste. The choice of sweets is simply amazing, with their creative approach, the guys will tell in detail about everything that is in the showcase. I liked the eclairs and meringues with berries.

The highlight of this institution is the organization of various types of excursions, ranging from kayaks to trips on a yacht or paragliding, prices are affordable. We believe that such a cafe should be in every city of Ukraine.

A few photos.

Location on the map.

6. Contact zoo in the Fabrika shopping center.

Mini-zoo in which it is allowed to go to the animals, pet and feed. It can be seen that the animals are being looked after. Price 150 UAH.

A raccoon who loves cookies.

Serious llama.

Also in the city there is an unusual "attraction" - taxi "Kamysh", which runs from the Embankment to the pier "Petrovets" on the other side of the Dnieper. Motor boats with 60-horsepower motors ride - the feelengs from riding are funny) Price - 70 UAH per boat (4 seats).

Kherson embankment is located here:

At the "Petrovets" pier itself, you can rent kayaks or SAPs and walk around the local water area, which includes a huge number of canals and channels in reed beds.

Petrovets is located here:

Although Kherson is a small city, there is something to see and how to have fun :) Thank you all for reading to the end, until we meet again)

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