Notes on Istanbul

- How much to take money to Istanbul?

- What difficulties do you face?

- How to communicate with local?

I will try to answer these questions in this article. Here will be considered a budget option.

So far I have just flown to Istanbul, I haven’t arrived on a boat yet. There are 4 airports in the Istanbul area, I was in Atatürk and at the International Airports. The international airport (designated IST) works for only half a year at the time of this writing, and I was very struck by the size and ... the emptiness inside :) Huge rooms in which there are practically no items for which the eye can catch.

The next thing after arrival and receipt of baggage that should be done is to exchange money for Turkish lira, if you have not already done so. Then there are two options: exit the airport and go to the yellow taxi car (expensive) or go to the bus stop.

About the payment of travel. In Istanbul, the so-called Istanbulkart is very common - it is a single "travel card" for almost all types of transport in Istanbul, its price is 6 lire and you can deposit any amount immediately on it and replenish it with any amount during use.

About the food.

In principle, in a cafe you can eat even for 20 lire, but in order to eat tasty you need about 30 lire for one.

About the food in the shops.

Simple buns without filling - 6 lira.

Yoghurt 0.5 kg - 3 lira.

Cheese, 200 grams - 8 lira.

Honey comb, 320 grams - 35 lire.

The cost of housing.

Normal hotels (air conditioning, fridge, daily cleaning) cost about 100-120 lire per day. Sometimes breakfast is included in the price, but you will have to arrive at them before 10:00 in order to be in time.

Transportation around the city. There are many types of transport in Istanbul: buses, dolmushi (similar to our minibuses), two types of trams (modern and so-called retro trams), mini and metro buses, light and regular metro, two types of funiculars, as well as ferries through the Bosphorus and suburban electric trains . Istanbulkart works for all transport except dolmus.

Metrobus look like this:

It is also quite possible to move around the city by foot, but in places of dense traffic it is difficult and even a little unsafe. Local pedestrians dart between cars at any point of the road. It is necessary to get used to this.

Communicating with the local must necessarily politely and they will politely communicate with you. If you know a couple of words in Turkish (merabha - hello, teshiquire derim - many thanks) the attitude towards you will be even better.

I did not see any ZAZ or VAZ (Post Soviet Union car models) on the streets. All cars at streets well maintained. By the way, there is a widespread car rental.

About theft. There are almost no theft. This is very convenient if you are traveling alone, because There are situations when you have to leave things where others can take them.

Due to the proximity of the sea, night / day temperature change are minimal. But, it often rains, it must be considered.

About the Internet. Wifi is common here. But, if you have a job connected with the presence of a stable Internet, I advise you to take a local sim card with prepaid gigabytes. I took 8 GB, it cost me 100 lire and an hour of time in the cabin of mobile communication. Such salons are not very difficult to find - every 5 store sells mobile phones and services associated with them.